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calling to him for a long time and he had▓ just become conscious of it.▓You broke your cane over him he repea▓ted, and it seemed to him that everything a●bout him

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n and straigh▓ten out a dog-fight.I don't tell her● when

anything of that sort happens▓. I see, said Lyon eagerly.So ▓you hid the pieces The old ▓man nodded cannily.She'd never miss the ca●ne.I have a lot of other walkin●g sticks.But if she saw the broken pie▓ces, she'd get the whole story out of m▓e. Where did you hid

e them Oh, I put ▓them out of sight, all right. Bu●t where

, man, where Show me the pla●ce. But I don't want them, prote▓sted Mr.Wolcott.It was an old cane, a●nyhow.I didn't mind breaking it. I just● wanted to see if you had found a good ●hiding place.Do you suppose the pieces ●are still there They aren't any ●good. No, but let'




s look and s●ee, anyhow.Was it hereabouts Ju▓st under the sidewalk here.●There's a hole under the sidewalk●



that you see when you are down i●n the hollow. Come down and show me.Here,▓ I'll help you down, and Mi



ss Edith won't guess ●where you have been. The old m▓an chuckled.This added a thrill to t●he affair, a


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nd with some diffi●culty and hard breathing he climbed do●wn into the low-lying lot and made ▓his way over the



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snow-covered● hummocks of last su


/Product #2

mmer's weeds to th▓e place which


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was more familiar to Lyon t●han i


/Product #4

t was to him. Right in there, h


/Product #5

e s●aid, pointing to the famous s


/Product #6

pot wher●e Lawrence's cane had be

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en found.Perhaps they ▓are there now.I poked them quite far in●.But I

can't see anything in there. ●You remember the place You are su●re it was right there There isn'▓t any other place where I could poke them in,● is there No, I don't see tha▓t there is.Now, can you remember when it was ●that you put them

in there Was▓ there anything that would fix the ▓date in your mind You remember▓

that day you came to the house to see Edith,--▓the first time you came Yes. Wel▓l, it was the last time I had been out f●or a walk before that.Not that day.It wa▓s on a Monday, because I remember t

hat I did▓n't go out Sunday because it stor●med.Monday I went, and that wa

s whe●n I saw the dogs fighting. Wha▓t sort of a cane was it asked L▓yon, as he helped the old gentleman to ●recover the upper levels o

f the street. O▓h, it wasn't a cane I cared for spec●ially.It was just an old o

ne.● But what was it like Did it ha●ve a heavy knob or a little one C▓an you describe it It had a pretty heavy▓ knob.But the wood broke off right at m●y hand when I beat the dog off.It● wasn't a very stout cane.I● g


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ot it in New Orleans in 1842.● I have noticed that you have a goo●d collection of canes.I'd like to look at them,▓ if you have time. The old gent●leman blossomed into a pathetic vivacit▓y under this unexpected interest in his affairs●. Oh, they are nothing to speak of.N▓ot more tha

n eight or nine.When I was younger,

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